Cemetery records now available online

Cookson Country
Cookson Country

PEOPLE are living longer, as we know.

But they were still achieving some impressive longevity back in the day.

When Mary Mattimore died in 1901, she was 106, which makes it incredible to think that there was someone still alive in the 20th century (albeit only just) who had been born in the 18th.

Mary, who lived at High Barnes, first saw the light of day just six years after the French Revolution and was already a young woman at the time of Waterloo.

Her burial details are probably the most remarkable to appear among the 17,416 such records which have recently been placed on-line by Durham Records.

They are for Bishopwearmouth Cemetery and cover the period 1900 to the end of 1906.

There is much for the family historian to garner from them as, being cemetery rather than church burials, they often give details about occupations, parents, even sometimes cause of death.

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