Curiosity keeps us going back to heritage club

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NO doubt there will be standing room only for Sandford Goudie’s forthcoming talk on La Strada nightclub mentioned elsewhere today.

But what I also want to say is, congratulations to the Wednesday Heritage Club (WHC) at South Shields Library for chalking up its 10th birthday this month – although I can’t believe it’s a decade since I gave the inaugural talk on Are You Being Served? Shopping as it used to be. Lummy: where did that decade go?!

Since then, about 1,200 people have enjoyed an eclectic programme of talks by almost 150 speakers on the stage of the library theatre, as well as films and other entertainment.

A talk has only ever been cancelled once, because of illness.

I’m sure readers will join me, then, in thanking Hildred Whale, the inspired and hard-working genius behind it all, for her continued commitment to the WHC, which has told the stories of so many fascinating events and lives over the years.

For me, it illustrates the endless interest people have in why we and the wider community are what we are, and how we ourselves fit into it – the products of both our present and our past.

So stay curious and engaged, and keep supporting it.