Did Marsden pub proposal get off the ground?

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MARSDEN and its environs have been a subject for us in recent days, especially The Grotto which is the pub we most associate with the area.

But it’s been interesting to discover that there could have been another, at which travellers between Whitburn and Shields could have refreshed themselves.

This is a note I recently came across from when, in the 1870s, the Whitburn Coal Company was sinking its new pit “near Marsden Rock.”

The company applied to local magistrates for a licence for a “new house erected for an inn” directly opposite the gates of Souter Point lighthouse.

As it happens, the application was opposed and the company withdrew it, saying that they would seek premises elsewhere.

Two things strike you: that in sinking the pit, one of their first thoughts was to provide a pub nearby.

But also, what place did they eventually settle on, if any, as I’ve always understood that the Grotto became the pub best associated with the Marsden miners?