Does anyone have a picture of Alma Street?

Cookson Country
Cookson Country

RECENT talk about some of the pubs that used to be in the streets lying south of Ocean Road in Shields has struck a chord with readers.

Before I go on, though, one of the pubs was The Woodbine Hotel, which was one of five bars that I mentioned had frontages on the street.

Writing about the old Grapes Hotel in today’s date slot – it was on the corner of Woodbine Street and Ocean Road – made me wonder if it might have been classed as one of the five, though its frontage, so far as I’m aware, was actually on Ocean Road itself.

But to go back to the streets which these pubs inhabited, Ray Collins got in touch on-line to ask if any readers might have a picture of Alma Street.

Says Ray: “The last time we came through from Peterborough, we spent some time in the library looking through the files, but with no results.

“We even tried looking for Agnes Street where my mum was born and raised.”

Well I have only ever seen one very old (1920s?) picture of Alma Street, but I will try to dig it out.

By the way, Ray’s mum, Dora Collins, also worked in another pub in the vicinity, The Beresford Arms.