Dreaming of a trip up the river

THE recent unseasonably warm and sparkling weather – and how much of a miss is THAT, now the temperature has plummeted! – showed off the Tyne at its glinting best.

And you know, it is really impossible to overstate how the river still has a pull for folk, no matter how far away from it they may travel.

Only recently I had an inquiry from a chap as to when the Shields ferry will be commencing its popular river trips. He is working offshore off Brazil but the appeal of a Tyne cruise – with fish and chips – remains strong.

By the way, if anyone else wants to keep up with when the river trip dates are announced, visit www.nexus.org.uk/ferry/river-trips

Such a trip today, of course, will present a different vista to the one here, with its nice skyline of cranes.

This was taken between 30 and 40 years ago, looking up-river from Brigham’s at Shields, and is from Norman Dunn, whose web site of old pictures you can see at www.oldtyneside.co.uk

Looks like a smart ship in dock there, but I’ve not been able to identify the funnel marking.

Perhaps someone recognises it.