Election campaigns have always been entertaining

UNEASY CO-EXISTENCE ... Charlotte Terrace in Shields during the 1929 General Election.
UNEASY CO-EXISTENCE ... Charlotte Terrace in Shields during the 1929 General Election.

WELL, we’re off and running.

Hopefully the election campaign will be as entertaining as it must have been when this picture was taken in Shields during the 1929 General Election.

But how much do you know about politics?

If you want to know how the political system works, or further an interest in the subject, the Workers’ Educational Assoication (WEA) is offering a course in the town.

It will be the third session of the groundbreaking Politics in Everyday Life course.

Previous ones have looked at different perspectives such as how the council works, what your MP does, freedom of speech, and how the court system works.

The course is taught by Dr Malcolm Grady. He thinks it’s timely.

“The course is carefully planned to run on non-partisan lines and will look at topics such as how your daily life is affected by decisions made in Parliament, the role of social media in politics, what influences the way we vote and what MPs do,” he says.

“It will include visits to places of interest and it’s hoped to pay a visit to the Houses of Parliament to see politics in action.”

The course begins on April 16 at South Shields Museum and will run between 1pm and 3pm for seven weeks.

The fee is £38 but it’s free for those on qualifying benefits. There’s no homework, no tests, no pressure – just constructive debate and a free cup of tea or coffee.

You can turn up on the day, or contact Susan Heptinstall on 07899 065285 or e-mail sheptinstall@wea.org.ukfor further information.

l Malcolm will also be taking another course, looking at the town in the 1940s. Look in tomorrow for more details.