Family story still has a piece of jigsaw missing

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IT’S called getting there in the end – well, almost. There is still a missing piece in the jigsaw of this story.

This goes back some time to when a reader in Stanley got in touch about a gold watch he had come across among his brother’s belongings.

It was a mystery as to why it was there, as it had been awarded to a Corp I Nicholl, Coldstream Guards, MM, 1914-1919 by the people of Jarrow.

There was no obvious family connection, so what was the tale behind the watch, he wondered?

I was contacted by William Nichol who thinks the watch was presented to his grandfather, Corporal Ishmael Nichol, whose name is listed among beneficiaries of the Jarrow War Heroes Fund.

William is currently trying to find out from the Coldsteam Guards why his grandfather was awarded the Military Medal.

He would also like to contact the gentleman who hopefully still has the watch.

I no longer have contact details for my Stanley reader. I’d be grateful if he could contact me again.