Fletcher’s Inn was a popular watering hole

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PUBS endear themselves to us for all kinds of reasons and not always the obvious ones.

Sometimes it’s not even the beer that especially recommends them. Sometimes we find ourselves patronising them for the views, or the quality of the food.

The latter certainly appears to have been one reason why the old Fletcher’s Inn in Shields had a following.

I featured a picture of the old place. It was in Catherine Street, now Prince George Square.

It’s since been lovely to hear from Fred Carr in the town, who tells me that the last person to be in charge of the Fletcher’s was a manageress called Susan ‘Susie’ McDougall.

Says Fred: “When the pub closed she transferred to The Crown on the Lawe Top, which subsequently changed its name to the Harbour Lights during her managership.”

And she took some old Fletcher’s customers with her, it seems.

Fred says: “The darts team followed her to the Crown/Harbour Lights as she had a great reputation for providing excellent curried sandwiches.”