Football teams losing players to work

SPARKY ... Hebburn Reyrolle's football club between the wars.
SPARKY ... Hebburn Reyrolle's football club between the wars.

IT’S surprising what tangents you can go off on when digging around about photographs.

This one turned up the challenge that football teams of the period faced, in keeping players when badly-needed work beckoned elsewhere during the Depression.

After that picture of Middle Docks FC the other day, it seemed only fair to also feature their close rivals in the Tyneside League.

This is Hebburn Reyrolle’s FC, seen in another picture from Kevin Blair.

It would seem to date from between the wars.

I can certainly find a record of them in 1935, when they were in a fixture with an Old Boys side at Hebburn.

Interesting to note is that Old Boys had recently lost a “useful” player, A Byers, who had signed-on the crew of the steamer Spanker, “the fourth boy to leave to seek employment in other districts.”

Again we have all the names here so, in that back row, left to right, are J Hibbert (trainer), H Fairgrieve, W Lumsden, J Crilly, J Hawkins (assistant secretary), J Dagliesh, P Gatens, W Ellis and J Woodward. Middle row: W Bastin (treasurer), J Longstaff, F Taylor, J Yeoman, M Thomas, G Croll, E Bastin, C Docherty, H Dryden, J Ruddock, W Wilkinson. Front row: R Davidson (secretary), J Marsh, L Wakinshaw, R Greatbatch, H Clothier (joint president), F Richardson, H Miller (joint president), G Watson (captain), H Hudson and A Simpson (chairman).

* We stay in the Mid-Tyne area with an update on that recent picture, also from Kevin, of school children photographed by Marion’s Studio (later Marion and Roz) in Shields.

It was a mystery which school it was, but I’ve since been delighted to hear from Dawn Kerrigan, who recognised her father, Robert Ian Young - known as Ian - third from the right in the top row.

He was born in 1942, and the family think he would have been about 10 at the time.

Says Dawn: “Unfortunately he died in 2003, so we are not sure if the school is Grange Road, Jarrow, or Croft Terrace as he attended both.

“It was such a nice surprise to see him.”