Full steam ahead at Harton School

One of the much-talked about steamroller pulling events at Harton Comprehensive School.
One of the much-talked about steamroller pulling events at Harton Comprehensive School.

It was a case of full steam ahead when we featured, in Time Of Our Lives and on Facebook, a photo of Harton Comprehensive School pupils pulling a steamroller.

For you were quick to take to social media to explain the significance of the monster roller at the school.

David Robson got in touch to say: “Nice article regarding Harton School.

“The steamroller was a sponsored event to raise funds for various sports programmes, as I recall.

“Despite the clothes and hairstyles that was in 1991 or 1992?

“It was organised by PE teacher Derrick Bohill.

“Each school year was assigned a captain and they had to form a team to pull the roller up the school drive.

“The number of team members decreased for each year age group, so, for example, Year 7 had the most and Year 11 the least.

“All team members had to get sponsorship to be part of the team.

“I was picked as captain of the Year 7 team. I think a lot of the school team captains were.

“Thanks for the blast from the past.”

Other readers took to Facebook to comment about the photo.

Alison Bell Stafford explained: “We were pulling a steamroller down St Mary’s Avnue to raise funds to buy a school bus, I think. Tracey Buddy think I spotted you in the pic near the back and the lovely late Jade Wiley.”

David Robson, in conversation with Penny Loveridge and Julie Robson posted: “Pretty sure you are in the roller pull pictures Jules” while Ashley Yorston asked Kyle Yorston: “Is this you?”

Andrew Potts went on Facebook to say: “Old school legends” while Julie Moody asked Susan Tighe: “Have you seen this with your dad on?”

Alan Smith also had a question, he asked: “Whatever happened to all the school football photos that used to appear in the Green Final back in the sixties.I wonder if they’re still on record somewhere.”

l (Will start posting some on Facebook in the coming weeks – Peter French)

Neil Winter urged David Robson to check out the rugby picture while Linda McCaffery contacted Michelle Abbs to say: “Have you seen us in the black and white photo? Hilarious!”

Lynsey Mason wondered if “anyone else feels old looking at this?” while Sharon Allison said: “Spotted Richard Ali and then couldn’t remember the rest of the names. I feel old. xx

Michaela Jane Staines asked Shelley Ann Armstrong: “Would this have been the year you were in Year 7?”

Meanwhile, a photo, posted on Facebook, provided by former Shields lad David Rose of a panto and Christmas party arranged for the families of those who worked for the Shields Gazette in years gone by, also attracted a number of online comments.

David wrote: “The shows, which were generally held in St Aidan’s Hall, would be the seasonal pantomime, and I remember seeing Aladdin. They were rioutous times with all of the usual elements of ‘He’s behind you’ and ‘Oh no he isn’t’, sweet throwing etc.

Kathleen Watson posted: “Think this is a Xmas party for children of Gazette employees, I’m in the photo with my brothers and sister” while David Proctor, agreed, saying: “Yes, employees Christmas party always held on Boxing Day afternoon in the Brownsea Hall, in Imeary Street! My guess this is about 1957ish?”

Maureen Bulman went online to say: “Aww I’m in this pic with my dad,” while Dot Tooley posted: “Great big bow in my hair.”

Another Facebook picture, showing Video World prompted Andrew Snaith to comment: “I miss Blockbusters.”

Jill Carr recalls that “taking the videos back to the shop was a pain especially when you lived miles away.”

David Givens remembers Vision Videos, in Boldon Lane.

Please get in touch with your memories and requests of photos from the past.