Great treasures from the 60s era

THE BEAT GOES ON ... the sound of the Sixties from The Answers.
THE BEAT GOES ON ... the sound of the Sixties from The Answers.

OH my, what a lovely time I’ve had, back in the era of mini skirts (her), Cuban heels (him) and that beat that came to define the 1960s.

Talking of which, what a find the 45 rpm disc of this would be if it turned up. I imagine it’s quite a collector’s item now.

You can hear It’s Just a Fear on YouTube – search for it, you won’t be disappointed: it’s as classic a sound of the era as you’re ever likely to hear.

Once again I’m grateful to my old pal, singer and songwriter (and ex-Shields lad) J Vincent Edwards for sending me some treasures from his long career in ‘the business,’ which has taken in recording, as well as film.

One item made me smile as soon as I saw it, being an advertisement which recalls the days when the Armstrong Hall in Stanhope Road in Shields was a popular live music venue.

It dates from 1963, when Westoe Methodist Youth Club was hosting a Three Bands Dance at the hall.

The bands were all local: The Strangers, The Crusaders and the group of which Vince was a member, The Invictors. The names, alone, will still have a resonance with that generation.

Admission was 3s 6d, or four bob at the door (20p).

There is also, from a year later, a ticket for the Sunderland Junior Empire Theatre Society (JETS) premier show featuring the ‘North East sound’ of, again, The Invictors but also another band, The Stormers.

But what really intrigued me was this, which dates from two years later when Vince was a member of another band, The Answers, which evolved from the The Invictors, with which he was the singer

It’s Just a Fear was written by guitarist Tony Hill, and was one of only two recordings that I believe the band made. The other was That’s What You’ve Done To Me.

Tony Hill went on to further success in the music industry, I believe.

Vince certainly did, finding himself not long after in the now-legendary London production of the musical Hair, which catapulted him into a career that has taken in co-writing hits, like Right Back Where We Started From, and movie credits such as Down and Out in Beverley Hills.