Happy times at both General Havelock pubs

The old and new General Havelock pubs.
The old and new General Havelock pubs.

Memories of the General Havelock pub, both the old and the new, came flooding back when we featured a photo of both of them on the Gazette’s Facebook page.

Kevin Cawood went online to say: “It was our local when I worked at The Gazette. I remember the barmaid on the night-time taught me how to tie empty crisp packets up so they were easy to throw away, and ever since then, some 35 years later, I always do the same, great memories.”

Louise Tyson recalls: “Going in on Christmas Eve with my father to get his Christmas shopping in (a House of Fraser brooch) and seeing some distant relatives old guys, and getting a few quid off them, thinking I was rich beyond my wildest dreams.”

John Golightly remembers how “I used to pop in regularly on a Sunday in the 90s. The same bloke was always in there, must have been one of the regulars.

“He was the spitting image of Benny Hill! We used to whistle the theme tune to Benny Hill show and fall about laughing, but that chap never caught on.”

John Slater took to Facebook to ask: “I’d like to know who gave planning permission to such an ugly concrete block as a pub, much prefer the old one.”

Jason Jones reveals how he “used to go in here when I first started drinking with my dad, good old days”.

Holly Rendall reminded Shannon Handyside that “your birthday party one year was in here”, while Julie Thompson recalls “playing many a darts match there”, and asking Norma Slesser “who did you play darts for?”

Tessa Marshall said the new pub was “mine and Kerrie Pringle’s favourite”, while Zeldra Wood said she and Melanie Sutton had “some fun memories from when your parents ran this place”.

Sarah Scullion went online to say: “My mam and step-dad used to run the Havelock over 30 years ago”, while Norma Slesser had “memories of old Havelock when Nan was manageress and she organised parties for the darts teams. Happy memories!”

Sharon Crighton told readers how she: “Worked there in the early 90s, loved it, straight over the road to La Strada when I finished on a Friday night.”

Dean Harvey said: “I remember drinking in there for a bit of Dutch courage before walking into Army Careers on Fowler Street”, while Lynn Sutton tells how she “managed this pub in the 90s with hubby Jim”.

Sandi Bastholm posted: “Havelock Peters and Monty’s discos” while told readers recall having birthday celebrations in the pub.

Michelle Gabriele said: “Had son’s 18 birthday upstairs, happy memories”, and Lisa Powell told how: “I had my 18th party at the Havelock.”

Meanwhile, here’s more of your comments regarding memories of the old Temple Park Leisure Pool.

Sheila Mather told how she “worked there 1979, it was a great place to work”, while Melanie Rhinow recalls”the waves and the diving pool”.

Julie Marchant said: “Loved taking my kids there, gutted it’s closed”, and Anna Louise Foster added: “I miss the diving pool and the chips and gravy” – a common theme from so many of you.

Yvonne De-Hart says: “Remember paying 20p to spectate” while Rob Mackins took to Facebook to say: “My first job (as a lifeguard) after leaving school in 89” and Aimee Pearce talks of “the inflatable pirate obstacle course, not to mention chips and curry!”