Happy times at La Strada in Shields

Claping and singing at La Strada.
Claping and singing at La Strada.

Thank you to so many readers for getting in touch and shedding a bit more light on pictures featured in recent articles.

Gloria Cooper emailed me to say: “With reference to the article in Time Of Our Lives (November 23) and the photo of La Strada, in South Shields, the gentleman clapping his hands and the lady to his right with the blonde hair and light coloured clothing, are my parents Bill and Lilian Ollerton.

“We have this photo also, but I sadly don’t recognise anyone else or the excellent band of whom they are so appreciative.

“They spent many an enjoyable evening at La Strada.”

l “Regarding the photograph in Time Of Our Lives, on November 25, I’m sure the girl in the fur collar is Audrey Pinnock. I went to Croft Terrace School with her.”

Carol Longstaff (nee Quinn).

l That photo of Lord Hailsham’s visit to Jarrow Shopping Centre, in the Gazette’s Time Of Our Lives page (November 25) was a lovely surprise.

“That’s my brother, aged 12, Allen Scott, in the front with the fur gloves on. I sent him a copy of it as he lives in Tebay, Cumbria now.

Christine Topping

l With the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, hitting movie screens next week, I would really like to hear from you regarding the original Star Wars film.

Do you remember going to see it in South Shields in 1977?

Please let me know what you thought of it and whether you thought the saga would still be going all these years later?