Jarrow School Board wanted to teach laundry skills

ON THEIR BEST....this was a class at a Jarrow school, but which one?
ON THEIR BEST....this was a class at a Jarrow school, but which one?

WHATEVER political party got into power today, they can look forward to education continuing to be a hot topic.

The concentration on academic achievement in recent years has driven some of the more practical and creative subjects off the syllabus, for instance.

Where are our future actors, or cooks, you have to ask yourself?

Or laundresses.

I’m joking – although Jarrow School Board wasn’t, just a few years before this picture was taken.

Kevin Blair has again come up with a smasher, although all we know about this picture is that it’s of a Jarrow school class, and the photograph was by the Elite studio, in Humbert Street in the town.

Looking at it, I’m wondering if the school was a small private one.

Perhaps someone has better knowledge of that.

In trying to find out about it, though, I came across a meeting of the aforementioned School Board when it was discussing the appointment of a new assistant cookery mistress to a school.

She had been engaged, not just because she held a high certificate, but because she had also been taught laundry work.

The latter wasn’t a compulsory part of the curriculum at the time, but other School Boards were beginning to introduce it “and it might be a question for this Board before long as to whether they should not teach laundry work, as well as cookery”.

Oh well, that was the girls sorted, at least...