Market for canny Shields shoppers was always a big attraction

The north side of South Shields Market in the 1950s.
The north side of South Shields Market in the 1950s.

FOR a town centre that is supposed to be dying on its feet, Shields can seems inordinately busy these days.

Especially on a Friday when, of course, a big attraction is the flea market.

It seems to be going from strength to strength at the moment, with a number of new stalls.

Just the other week, I overheard one woman saying to another: “Have you seen the man in the market with the sausage?”

It’s certainly lively, though with few if any of the old ‘knock down’ sellers that you used to get when this picture was taken.

This has come to me from reader Norman McGlasham and is of the market in the 1950s, looking across to the Market Dock and the space rendered by the demolition of the buildings on the north side of the square following wartime bombing.

This was the era of stalls or vans groaning with household china and the like, that would be knocked out in sets with a few extra bits and pieces thrown in.

You may also just be able to make out a name in the foreground which was a by-word in canny shopping in its day – Burstro’s Stores.