Memories of marvellous Minchella’s

Minchella's. Do you recognise the lady in the window?
Minchella's. Do you recognise the lady in the window?

When we posted an old photo of Michella’s on Facebook and asked you what you would order there, you came up with some truly scrumptious suggestions.

Patricia Spour posted: “Cheese and onion toastie, with an ice cream floater, and sugar-cone with a flake and red sauce, yummy!”

Lorraine Mills suggested: “Ice cream sundae, with chocolate sauce and chopped nuts, and a milky coffee before Lattes were heard of.”

Barbara Farnan plumped for: “A cheese and onion toasty and their white ice cream which was so different to their ice cream now!”

Hazel Love went for a tuna sandwich , adding “ I like Marine Park Minchella’s the best while Fallyn Kinsella went on-line to say: “Pepsi float. And when I moved away they had no clue what I was asking for.”

There was a good mix of sweet and savoury suggestions.

Amy Riley favoured a floater, telling us that she “used to always get them when I went with my nana Peggy, God love her xx.”

Mandy Harrison took to Facebook to say: “Cheese toastie and, of course, an ice cream cornet with raspberry sauce” while Gwen Thorpe said: “Green jelly (which they don’t have very often) with a lovely blob of ice cream.”

Valerie Wilson-Gurney told how: “My cousin Maureen and I used to love the knickerbocker glory.”

Sharon Hannard would also order a knickerbocker glory given the chance.

Lilian Cottenham’s taste is somewhat simpler, being satisfied with “a dish of ice cream, with raspberry sauce and a couple of wafers.” Sounds good to us!

Nicola Minto championed: “Ice cream oyster, with crushed nuts and monkey’s blood.” Another fan of ice cream oysters is Mark Thomas who says they are “lush”.

Jacqueline Jobes, meanwhile, is a fan of chocolate nut sundaes while Susan Sinclair likes chocolate wafer ice cream and Yvonne Hannah a nut sundae.

Andrea Charles prefers an ice cream float as does Irene Crammond who said: “ice cream float – yum yum.”

Karen Mccormick Thomas would spend her money on a chocolate nut sundae while Ian Pippin would go for ice cream.

Jacqui Whitelaw took to Facebook to say she would buy a “99 in sugar-cone with monkey’s blood on, yum yum” while Viv Marley is another fan of ice cream, saying “best ever!”

Lucy Pinckney prefers chocolate nut sundae and a ham and cheese toastie” while Martin Borthwick tells us he would have “Horlicks . It’s the only place I drink it.”

Susan Fowler went online to say: “ Just fantastic ice cream with monkey’s blood” while Sharon Falkinder posts: “De-Caffe lattes.”

Joanne Howard was another reader who went for a knickerbocker glory as did Janice Rowland while Aekjote Kaur chose a chocolate nut sundae.

Colin McDonald recalls one particular visit he paid to Michella’s, telling how he found “a £20 note on the floor.”

I wonder what sweet treats or savoury delights he spent it on?

It is thought that ice cream followed on from ancient flavoured ices, with the Chinese credited for creating the first ice creams, possibly as early as 3000 BC.

Marco Polo is cited as people the person responsible for introducing the Chinese version of ice cream to Italy.

It is here that the modern version of ice cream is said to have developed during the 17th century.

Until 1800, ice cream remained a rare and exotic dessert enjoyed mostly by the elite.

Today, we consume gallons of the sweet stuff.

Given the choice of flavours which would you choose?

May I suggest you watch Laurel and Hardy choosing ice cream in the 1931 short film Come Clean.

Brilliantly funny, it is the comedy duo at their side-splitting best.

What is your favourite Laurel and Hardy film?