Memories of South Shields bus depot

The Mile End Road bus depot.
The Mile End Road bus depot.

Your comments on the Gazette social media pages proved just the ticket when we asked for your memories of the Mile End Road bus depot in South Shields.

For you told of the people who worked there – and the tasty food served in the canteen.

Carly Rebecca took to Facebook to say: “My nan worked here when I was a child. I remember going to the canteen on weekends for breakfast and visiting the ‘mess room’ while she was at work, thinking it was some magical place. Met some amazing people who I will always remember – Val Shone, Colleen Garlinge and Tracy Kennedy.”

Michelle Kinsey said: “I remember getting off the ten to ten 550 on a Saturday night at the last bus stop outside the depot with my nanna. My Granda used to wait with the dogs to meet us off the bus.”

Shirley Bardwell explained how she: “Lived right opposite, at number 25 Palatine Street for five years until the area was demolished.

“My two young sons, five and three and a half, knew how to open the doors on the buses and very naughtily climb on board.”

Chris Jennings got in touch to tell about one particular memory involving the Mile End Road depot.

“I remember, around 1990, waking up asleep on the upstairs back seat of a bus 3am one weekend in an empty depot after a few too many on a Friday night in Jarrow.”

Jack Pearce worked there “for 15 years as conductor, then driver, but it wasn’t Go Ahead Northern in the 60s/70s, just Northern General Transport”, while Wendy Price said: “My dad,Tom McNamee, worked there as an electrician for many years.”

Robert Maddison revealed that: “Alan Bell, driver instructor, was the one who trained me”, while Bill Boldon said: “Passed my PSV test in a Guy there.”

Meanwhile, Jon Turton recalled the “cheap cafe upstairs”, as did Darron Noble, who hailed the “bacon sarnie, cup of tea and a game of snooker, £2”, while Sharon Elizabeth Nicholls said: “My mam worked in the canteen for 16 years.”

Thanks also to Kenny Elliott who explained that: “The drivers who worked there still have an annual reunion in the Beehive.”

What are your memories of the depot?