Musician claims fresh fish from South Shields is the reason why he’s still rocking

Singer-songwriter J Vincent Edwards.
Singer-songwriter J Vincent Edwards.

Forget sex, drugs and rock and roll.

This star of the music scene puts his longevity down to all the lovely fresh fish he was brought up on in Shields.

This is by way of saying ‘happy birthday’ to Ocean Road School old boy J Vincent Edwards who is 70 years young this weekend.

A while back, he was giving us great memories of the 1960s when he was a member of The Invictors, one of a number of local bands of the era who played venues like the Armstrong Hall.

He is best known, of course, as one of the stars of the iconic hit musical Hair and from what has subsequently been a successful career as a singer-songwriter, co-writing hits like Right Back Where We Started From.

His movie credits include Down and Out in Beverley Hills.

From what has been his home in Europe for 
many years, he tells me this week: “Thanks to all the fish and fruit I was brought up on in Shields, I am still rocking.

“I send you, and all in 
my home town, love and peace forever.”

The birthday celebration? That’s going to be in a beer garden somewhere in southern Germany.

Vince, hinny, have a 
good one.