NHS not so bad when you consider what there was before

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I KNOW the NHS isn’t perfect but, having observed it, and those who use it, recently, I think that complaining about it has become some people’s default position.

In fact you can suspect that a certain amount of brainwashing has gone on.

I certainly think that some folk could do with lessons in pre-NHS history.

This was emergency care at the turn of last century.

A policeman on duty near Jarrow Slake had found a man lying insensible on the turnpike road that ran opposite the Slake. He sent to Tyne Dock police station for assistance, the response to which was to send the ambulance barrow – yes, barrow – on which the man could be conveyed through the wintry streets – it was January – to the police station.

On arrival the man’s wet clothing was removed and he was rolled in warm rugs and placed in front of the fire.

In time, the police surgeon attended; also a local doctor. Together they tried to rouse the man by administering an emetic, but their attempts failed and he died two hours later.