Night-soil men were late doing their rounds

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IT has been very windy of late, with all the nuisance that blowy weather causes from dust etc.

Perhaps we shouldn’t complain, however. We could still live in the era of the old ash closets.

This arises from my love of some of the letters in the old Gazettes.

I’ve recently been following a correspondence just before the turn of last century concerning what was perceived as various ‘nuisances.’

Several of these related to the emptying of the old outside netties, or earth closets.

You tend to think that this only occurred at night, when the ‘night-soil men’ went round the lanes with their shovels.

However, someone could be found complaining in the paper that in the area of Sydenham Terrace and Broughton Road in Shields, they were being emptied at 10am and 11am.

“It is a truly sickening spectacle this bright and summer-like weather,” was the comment.