No chance of a naughty weekend back then

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On an August day in 1889, a Mr and Mrs Coot were staying at a Mrs Major’s at 6 James Mather Terrace, in South Shields.

Well, I hope Mr and Mrs Coot were really married, otherwise there was huge scope for scandal.

Because details of their stay were published for all to read in the Shields Gazette, I’ve been charmed to discover, along with those of dozens of other folk who, during that summer, were staying at what were presumably guest houses in the town.

A Mr and Mrs Graham and family were esconced, for instance, at a Mr Manson’s at No 6 Salmon Street; and there were a number of other addresses in and around Ocean Road etc which suggest these were holidaymakers.

What the purpose of the column, List of Visitors, was supposed to be, I’m not sure, but there was no getting away with a naughty weekend, that was for sure.

Presumably it was advertising on the home owners’ part, and perhaps assisted the Post Office?