Photographer had some fun at dog’s expense

LIGHT RELIEF ... doggy humour from photographer Jimmy Cleet.
LIGHT RELIEF ... doggy humour from photographer Jimmy Cleet.

IT’S a little bit of silliness, but I hope it makes you smile as much as it did me.

Never work with children or animals, they say, but South Shields photographer James Cleet wasn’t deterred here – enough to have a little bit of fun at this dog’s expense.

Readers will know Jimmy, who died in 1959, and who is best known for his wonderful photographs of the town and the river taken on either side of the First World War; also the important photographic record he made of the big slum clearances in the area in the 1920s and 1930s.

But he also wasn’t averse to the occasional witticism, as this picture shows.

It’s another loan from reader Alan Rogers, who found it among items belonging to his father, Stanley – he of the little calendars I featured the other day.

If any street did exist with as many lamp-posts as this, the town would have been lit up like Blackpool Illuminations.

But what a doggy paradise indeed.

I would just add one thing. Somewhere I have a photograph Jimmy took of a woman – a family member I believe – on the sands at Shields round about the time of the First World War, with a real-life dog very similar to this one.

The model, do you think?