Pier walk will blow away the cobwebs

AIRY ... looking along the North Pier early last century.
AIRY ... looking along the North Pier early last century.

WELL, have you all been enjoying your New Year walks along the pier?

No? Me neither. You lead, I’ll follow.

Not that you can get far along it at this time of the year - though enough distance, still, to get a good blast of sea air to blow away the cobwebs.

Perhaps that’s what they were doing here across on the North Pier, though although there is no date for this picture, this is summer rather than winter, given the boating in the harbour and what appears to be a steamer calling at the landing there.

The picture is another from Kevin Blair.

What draws my eye is the pier’s lower level, which our’s doesn’t have but which has always struck me as a bit precarious.

As indeed it has proved in the past. Only recently I came across a note from 1885 when, on a summer’s day, a young woman from Benwell lost her footing on what was described as the ‘lower Tyne pier’ and went into the sea.

Luckily for her, her fall was observed by a young man who dived in and saved her.

I would love to say that there was a further tale of romance to be told but, alas, I know only that she was taken afterwards to the nearby seawater baths, to recover.