Raising a glass of cheer to those Dexter’s days

Dexters Wine Bar  April 1989
Dexters Wine Bar April 1989

You were quick to raise a glass of cheer in memory of Dexter’s Wine Bar when we popped a photograph of it, taken from the outside in 1989, on Facebook.

The image reached almost 26,000 readers, with many ex-employees adding their comments to those of customers.

Lee Chow posted: “Had some cracking nights in there, always remember the trebles, good times”, while Fallyn Kinsella told us: “I used to go there for my lunch. I sat in there eating lunch the day the Twin Towers, in New York, got hit (and I had my daughter with me in her pram at the time too.”

Hayley Goldsmith and Gaynor Powell took to social media to say: “This was on our Friday night haunt,” with Jacqui Swan recounting: “Lost count of how many nights we spent in here Angela!”

Ex-employee Adrienne Henderson said: “Loved working here, and it’s where I met my future hubby!”

Gill Anderson agreed, saying: “Loved working there, great times with great people. It was more like a night out than a job!”

Another member of Dexter’s staff was Janet Frazer, who got in touch to say: “I worked there when it first opened. Pete Edmund was manager.” So too did Janet Traynor, who added: “I worked there when it first opened.”

Craig Hanson shared this with our online readers: “My first job was in there as a glass collector.”

Sylvia Dixon went on Facebook to say: “Had some good nights in there with the girls from work, few trebles, then for a curry, good times.”

Tracy Lawrence said: “I miss the 69 bar ... above this and to the left ...”

Leah Studley simply said: “Awww!”, while Kayleigh Thompson posted: “Us with wor Melva and Liz, colum pots and home-made lasagne, hmmmmm.”

Food also got a mention from a number of other readers.

Lynn Peralta said: “Eating place every Monday, collin pot”, while Gemma Atkinson asked Christine Hanson if she remembers “when you used to take me and Kerry Simpson here for dinner?”

Angie Robson recalls: “Brilliant nights there”, as did Allison Thornton, who posted: “Loved this bar”, while Karen Bradley said: “Had some great nights in there.” Margaret Fletcher told us: “Yes, I remember it well”, as do many more.

Lesley Daines states: “Sad, good one gone”, while Paddy Humphrey was equally melancholy, saying: “All the good pubs are closing.”

Andy Evans remembers “Happy hour, trebles for a pound”, while Ann Southern says: “Brilliant pub, happy times.”

Sharon Bell comments: “Brill bar, Thursday to Sunday, especially for the Gatsbys.”

There were questions as well as comments, with Carol Watkins asking: “Who were the bouncers?” Raising even more questions was a Facebook-posted photo showing a young man in a clothing shop. George Simm emailed me to say: “Peter, I think the picture of the gents outfitters could be Chris B. Watson in the marketplace”, something Deidre Bell agreed with. Others, however, had different ideas.

Laurence Smith says: “The shirts in the background used to be sold by Greenwoods, especially Svenda shirts, back in 69-70”, while Sharon Elizabeth Scott plumped for “Woods, in Ocean Road”, as did Viv Marley and Pat Hay.

Bernie Finlay says: “It could have been Allen’s at Laygate”, while Maureen Davison came-up with Dunn & Co. Dawn Jolly posted: “Mam says Woods or Greenwoods”, while Phillip Harrison is in no doubt: “Greenwoods, it’s obvious.”