Readers remember some sweet treats

GET SOME IN ... a pre-war advert for Villa's lemonade.
GET SOME IN ... a pre-war advert for Villa's lemonade.

OH, the remembered treats of childhood.

And how simple they were sometimes, but invested with so much anticipation.

We’re going back here to the subject of pop delivered to the door.

Many households, back in the day, had lemonade from Evans’s or Villa’s, as I mentioned last week.

A regular on-line reader, Geordiman, had another name come to mind, however – Ned’s.

“I think this was who supplied the bottles of pop in Whiteleas in about the 1960s,” he says.

“We started getting four bottles a week. They were small by comparison to the big plastic bottles nowadays.

“They stood on the floor in the front lobby and we weren’t allowed to drink them all at once as they had to last the week.”

And he turns out to have been a fan of the same variety as me.

“Cream soda was also my favourite,” he says.

As it was of another on-line reader, Banished, who says: “American Cream Soda – happy days!

“If dad had a half-shift in, we sometimes got a dollop of ice-cream in the cream soda. But, of course, there had to be a ‘match’ of money available AND the arrival of the ice cream van – no ‘fridge or freezer in our house in those days!”

The accompanying advert for Villa lemonade dates from earlier than my readers’ era.

This is the late 1930s, when the slogan that went with it was what was described as ‘the gypsy’s toast’ – “Kooshti Bok!”