Recalling all those South Tyneside juvenile jazz bands

An unknown jazz band marching in Jarrow in 1970.
An unknown jazz band marching in Jarrow in 1970.

From Fusiliers to Hussars and Beachcombers to Franconians, you marched with them and more during the days when juvenile jazz bands were huge here and elsewhere.

As promised, following the posting of a photo on Facebook, showing a jazz band marching in Jarrow in 1970, here are more of your memories relating to the times when you dressed to impress and blew your kazoo to the beat of a very big bass drum.

Sharon Reggie Wilks got in touch to say she was a member of the Marsden Shoreliners, Teesside Golden Dragoons, Northern Paraders, Anchorians, Wansbeck Wanderers and now Walker Majestics “and still loving it 44 years down the line”.

Jacqueline Jobes posted: “I was in the Beachcombers on the bass drum, and I loved it” while Diane Mckeown recalls being in “the South Shields Hussars, from Simonside. I was solo kazooist then I was made band major, happy days.”

Gillian Courtney and Andy Evans remember the Burnside Highlanders while Linda Ayre (was Conner) thinks she knows the identity of the band featured in the Facebook posting.

“ That’s the Franconians, I am sure that’s June Tostdevine behind Tracy.”

Glynis Crosby took to social media to explain that: “I was a band major in the South Shields Squadronaires” while Wendy Boyce told us how “I was in the Beachcombers and Cleadon Marines, happy days.”

Enma Hickman said: “ My mam and auntie were in one called the Boldon Meledymakers” and Jeanette Netty Mckenna added that she was in the Hebburn Heralds and Franconians “and now a marcher with the Sapphires in Gateshead at 44 years old.” Bianca Harvey went on Facebook to say: “I was in the South Shields Ravens, I was the mascot, I loved every minute.”

Leslie Ali Sezer was also in the South Shields Ravens, saying “I’ve still got my medals and my sash.”

Karen Simpson recalls being a member of Edinburgh Highlanders.

“My mum made all the uniform. Little kilts and blue jackets. Brill times”

Michelle Whale said: “I was in a jazz band for a little while. Should fetch them back” while Gary Kennedy tells how “my wife, Karen Kennedy, was in Seghill Soverigns, lead tip, and actually won the world championship in Wales.”

Claire Emmerson Reid was a member of the Marsden Shoreliners while Sandy Graves marched with the Hedworth Legionaries, the Jarrow Rainbows and Cleadon Marines. Karen Lawlan Bainbridge was also a member of the Marsden Shoreliners while Patricia Gray marched with the Celadon Marines

Another Celadon Marine was Lesley Cobb while Sharon Oley remembers being in the Whiteleas Submariners.

There must have been dozens of bands here on South Tyneside, with so many different names being mentioned by yourselves.

Michelle Richardson Mowbray trumpeted the days of the Heworth Dragoons while more familiar band names kept popping up thanks to your postings.

Denise Buckingham recalled being a member of the South Shields Ravens while Pauline Ormston was an Edinburgh Highlander.

Liz Tunnicliffe had “great days being in the Simonside Mariners great days” and Brenda Robe was a Cleadon Marine.

Suzanne Baker was a member of the Queensland Highlanders while Marrianne Gallant-Leggatt was a member of the Murray House Anchorians.