Recalling Morganite Resistors and more

Morganite Resistors on Bede Trading Estate in October 1957.
Morganite Resistors on Bede Trading Estate in October 1957.

This view of the social centre and office block being built for Morganite Resistors was taken at the Bede Trading Estate factory, in South Shields, in October 1957.

A copy of the picture appeared on the Gazette’s Facebook page prompting a number of readers to get in touch.

Margaret McKenzie went online to post: “My aunty, Betty Morrison, worked there until 1960, her married name was Rutherford, she would have been 79 this year.”

Muriel Halligan said: “Enjoyed working there on the 5pm till 9pm shift. Made some lovely friends there, Nancy Brown, Audrey Findlay and many more,” while Dawn Crutwell told how: “My mam, Sylvia Howe, worked there in the office, she left in 1972 to have me.”

Pat Haruki took to social media to say: “I worked there on 5-9pm shift 1970, thanks for picture, brings back memories.”

Wendy Shepherd told how: “My dad worked there as foreman for 25 years until 1975, Stan Fraser,” while Helen Banks told how “My mam worked there,” as did Edith Gallagher’s mam, Phyllis Glendinning.

Patrick Michael Scott asked: “Was that down next to Filtrona?”

Back to the photos above and more of your comments regarding the old miners’ houses and Harvest Festivals.

First the houses in Wells Row, Boldon Colliery.

Lisa Bryan got in touch to tell Jen “this is my street”, while Martin Dougie Smith posted: “My mam and dad still live there.”

Amie Dodd said: “I live there, it’s great to see old pictures of the street” while Louise Green explains how she lived there and “my parents are still there now”.

Christine Richardson said: “I was born at Number 38 many years ago.” And Irene Irving tells how “we lived no 24 in the 50s”.

Dawn Jolly said: “I know someone who still lives there.”

Meanwhile, here’s more of your comments regarding harvest-time food collections.

Sharon Stewart said: “Great times at Simonside, my brother Stephen Stewart was dressed as a carrot for Harvest Festival along with three other vegetables. He was five or six-years-old. I think there was a picture in the Gazette, so funny, a carrot lol.”

Donna Turnbull went on Facebook to say: “Remember this like it was yesterday,” while Linda Wood said: “Loved it!”