Remembering some of your favourite South Shields’ shops

Shopping in China Craft in October 1964.
Shopping in China Craft in October 1964.

The recent selection of South Tyneside shops certainly got you talking on social media.

Here are some of your comments, and attached are some more images of local shops from the Gazette archives.

Margaret Fletcher said: “I can remember the big Binns store. Today it would be similar to Fenwick’s. I think it was where the Ship and Royal is now, though I’m not sure?”

Fiona Elizabeth Smith posted: “I loved shopping in Binns. It really was a great department store.”

Of all the shops in Shields Neil Crutwell picked out T&G Allan’s as one of his favourites.

Fiona Elizabeth Smith said: “I also loved T&G Allan’s too.”

Meanwhile Anna Miller harks back to the days when Binns traded on South Tyneside.

“Before Binns it was Fowler and Brock,” she pointed out.

Talking of Binns, Alan Storey reveals that he “bought my first Hi-Fi at Binns.”

Maria Wilkinson posts: “The 50s are before my time, but I remember always going to see Santa in Binns.” (Do you?)

June Hall tolls us: “Used to love Binns and T&G Allan’s.”

When it came to their favourite stores, Nicky Payne lists Binns, Woolworths and T&G Allen’s, “especially at Christmas-time.”

Chris Green says: “I used to work in Woolworths, first on the pick and mix sweets, then the cooked meats and cheese.”

Carl Robson kindly got in touch to say: “I can remember being dragged round Binns, Woolworths and vaguely remember T&G Allens. I seem to recall a Greggs but can’t remember if it was in King street though don’t live in the area anymore, and would’ve been about seven or eight.”

Suzanne Smith says: “Don’t know about the 50s but the 60s was great. There was Woollies, Marks and Sparks, Binns, T&G Allen’s, and an absolutely fabulous Saturday market.

“We also had record shops, the ABC cinema and the Gaumont cinema.”

Lisa Valente revealed that she used to love shopping and working in King Street while Jim Hodgson described the town centre as “lovely”.

With winter in mind, Steven Lorrison simply says: “I wish it would snow like that in Shields nowadays.”