Remembering when Shields played at Simonside Hall

Simonside Hall in 1969.
Simonside Hall in 1969.

Memories came flooding back for many Gazette readers when we featured a photo selection of South Shields football club’s old Simonside Hall ground recently.

One in particular, Mr P Dodds, who lived where the ground once stood, remembers his father telling him about the stadium, as he explains.

A snowy King Street in 1950.

A snowy King Street in 1950.

“It’s great to look at old pictures of the football ground,” said Mr Dodds. “We once lived there when I was a child after the old football ground got knocked down.

“My mother and father got the keys in 1976 for a four-bedroom house but didn’t move in until March 1977.

“My mother, who is in her eighties, still lives in the area now, 40 years on.”

Mr Dodds said he is one of eight children who was brought up on Simonside Hall.

Youngsters from Lukes Lane wrapped up in 1991.

Youngsters from Lukes Lane wrapped up in 1991.

“My mother and father were the first resident on that estate where the old football ground was.

“I remember hanging about playing hide and seek with my brothers and sisters in the houses when they were getting built. Good memories.

“I remember my father mentioning going to the matches at the old ground.

“Looking at the pictures brings back memories of my father when he was trying to describe the way the football ground used to look like. Sadly my dad passed away in 1981.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen the pictures of the old ground, so thank you.”

Meanwhile, another photo, this time showing a local snow scene from years gone by, got Carol Smith recalling her childhood.

She took to social media to post: “Well, I could be on that bus.

“I remember my mam putting my hat scarf and coat beside the fire before I went out and always my slippers on the hearth when I got in, pure luxury.

“Everything seemed peaceful when the snow fell – living in bed with a good book and my hot water bottle.

“No wonder I got chill blains, as I always had my feet on it. Oh I loved it, still good for a bad back even now,so cosy.

“Plus getting home safely and not falling down, ha ha.”

What are your favourite memories of snowy days on South Tyneside? Do you love or loathe the white stuff?