School meal-times in South Shields

Children at Whitburn Junior School being served with their school dinner in  March 1984.
Children at Whitburn Junior School being served with their school dinner in March 1984.

When we posed the question as to whether school meals from the past were a tasty treat or if they left a bad taste in the mouth, you were quick to respond on social media.

Marian Slight took to social media to post: “Depends how far back you go for school dinners, I remember the fights over roasties when the beef dinners were on, and at Christmas you had money in the Christmas puddings, a tanner or threepenny bit, that was only in the 1970s lol.”

Julie Anne Stephenson sang the praise of: “Chicken and vegetable pie at Cleadon Park nursery. It was delicious!” while Clair Tink Brennan says: “Mmmm school dinners! They were so nice when we were kids. They are all fancy healthy stuff now, wraps and salmon bake ha!”

Nicola Todd took to Facebook to say: “You mean when school meals were meals and not people taking notice of Jamie Oliver wanting to give kids humus. My kids will be brought up on cooked food, the way I was when I was young. The thing I don’t agree with is vending machines in schools.”

Lyn Carney posted: “Loved school dinners in the 60s and 70s, full of stodge, hated the tapioca though.”

Gillian Kane Bewick said: “Loved the Manchester tart. My friends and I used to help wash dishes so we could get left-over roasties wrapped in a paper towel.”

There was also a big thumbs up for a Manchetser tart from Sheila Vaughan.

Liam Pourhana remembered Mrs Walker at Mortimer School who “made nice dinners”.

Tony “Foz” Foster recalled being served “Spam – pink death” while Laura Bracewell said: “I used to love school dinners lol.”

Lorraine Ellison told how: “My mam used to make me and my sis Spam fritters, they were lovely”.

Tracy Lawrence said: “I really hated the sausages in the oily brine and the Smash. I remember two poor kids being on slops (scraping plates) that was late 80s”

David Barber commented: “It was the kids that were horrible, just like now, never happy with what they get” while Trish Graham Middleton said: “Look at the prices!”

You were also kind enough to share your memories regarding the autographs you collected from celebrities from over the years.

Thomas Bradley listed his collection of celebrity signatures. They include: “Dennis Waterman and George Cole (of Minder), Les Gray and Dave Mount of Mud, Perry Fenwick and June Brown and Scott (who plays Jack Branning in Eastenders) as well as Lorraine Chase.”

Trish Graham Middleton said@ “I have Martin Shaw’ autograph as well as Gareth Thomas (Blake 7), Nik Kershaw, Mike and Sarah Green, most of which I collected when on Saturday Superstore in the 80s whilst on a school trip to London.”

Peter Watt took to Facebook to reveal: “So far I have Keith Gillespie, Micky Quinn, have his, getting Andy Cole’s next month, and I have and Geoffrey Bloom.”

Mick Durnion said: “I got Portuguese football legend Eusebio’s after a Newcastle Europa league game” while Karen Ratcliffe has Penn and Teller’s signatures.

Ryan Buckley told how he has: “The South Shields football team’s manager’s and most of the South Shields players, signed my Wembley programme” while Kirsten Duke told how: “Minnie Mouse gave me her autograph at Disneyland Paris.” ❤️

What is your most treasured autograph?