Seeing Bros at South Shields

Bros signing autographs before switching cars in South Shields Police Station yard, to escape screaming fans in  June 1988.
Bros signing autographs before switching cars in South Shields Police Station yard, to escape screaming fans in June 1988.

The photos, featured in Time Of Our Lives, of one-time pop chart-toppers Bros playing a concert here in South Shields, in 1988, certainly revived memories for lots of you.

Lots of you took to Facebook to share your recollections of the concert at the towns’s Arbeia Roman Fort.

Catherine Browne took to social media to post: “Yes I was there. We were taking part in ‘Get Fresh’, the Saturday morning show they starred on. It was a brilliant day and we were in the dressing room with them. Very exciting when it was young xx.”

Kevin Wilkins told how “I lived in Heworth Court in Simonside, and opposite me lived a lad called Paul. He was the double of Luke Goss, so at Arbeia girls were asking for his autograph, thinking he was Luke, funny as hell.”

Mea Deen revealed that: “I was there, with Steve Pybus ha ha ha, remember how we got in VIP ha ha” while Neil Blackbird Sims said: “I was there with all my metal head mates.”

Jane Mary Robertson explained how she was there as did Steph Callaghan, and Maggie Ludford.

Pauline Hughes took to social media to say: “Karen Nyberg was” while Lynette Jones added: “I was, loved them, had me bottle tops on me shoes x.”

Matt and Luke Goss, along with Craig Logan, certainly pulled the crowd when they performed at the Fort on June 4 – one of whom was Georgia Reed who posted: “Got it on video somewhere.”

Joanne Moore asked Keliann Goodchild “can you remember me taking you here?” while Stephanie Brown certainly remembers the day.

Sylvia Harrison certainly has good reason to recall that extra special day, revealing how: “I made them and the crew there lunch.”

When Brosmania was at its height, Bros (the only group to have appeared in every issue of Smash Hits from 1988-1990) had more than six million fans worldwide. And when Bros called it a day in 1991, they had achieved 11 top 40 singles and three top 20 albums in the UK and Europe.

Meanwhile, Joan Green got in touch following the publication of a photo in the page recently.

The picture, taken in May 1978, showed members of ladies section of Westoe Miners’ Social Club following a charity concert.

It featured Mrs Jennie Mann, of the ‘Minerbirds’ – who organised the show – presenting a cheque.

Joan said: “The picture of the Minerbirds, includes myself Joan Green.

“I was headteacher of Oakleigh Gardens School, receiving their cheque. Wonderful ladies and great supporters of the handicapped pupils.”

You may have noticed that in yesterday’s page, mention was made of the fact the Beatles released the Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band LP in that day in 1967.

Do you remember buying a copy of the album when it was first released, and where did you buy if from?