Shields battlers unable to overcome QPR

How the Gazette reported the match between South Shields AFC and QPR
How the Gazette reported the match between South Shields AFC and QPR

You will remember how, on Tuesday, I reported that South Shields FC were hoping to be giant-killers when they took on QPR in the third round of the FA Cup.

Today, with the help of club stalwart Bob Wray and the words of Gazette reporter Dick Kirkup we find out how they got on.

“Shields were covering themselves with glory,” reported the Gazette sports writer on Saturday, January 3, 1970.

“But on the half hour Rangers took the lead – and it was Rodney Marsh who scored.

“Venables started the move and was there to push the final pass to Marsh who, from 15 yards, in the inside right position hit a great cross shot into the far corner of the net which even the heroic Garrow was unable to do anything about it.

“Then Garrow conceded a corner when he earned an ovation from the crowd for a flying finger tip save from Clarke. But in the 40th minute, the Rangers added a second goal, and two minutes later hammered in a third.

First wing half Hazell made grounds down the right wing, crossing hard and low into the penalty area where Clarke raced in at full speed and hit a first-timer into the net before anyone could move a muscle.

“Two minutes later the irrepressible Rangers came yet again toward the Shields goa,l and this time a tremendous goalmouth scramble developed with Marsh heading into the net at the third attempt.”

Dick Kirkup went on to report how Garrow had blocked two point-blank headers from Marsh and another shot by Clarke before Marsh applied the “killer touch”.

“Almost on the stroke of half-time Gerry Donoghue beat man after man in a great dribble but he was finally hauled down well inside the area by Hazell, with the referee awarding the obvious penalty kick.

“Penalty king Len Smith lined up for the kick and sent in a thunderbolt shot into the corner of the net, sending Kelly the wrong way in the process.”

l Half-time: QPR 3, South Shields 1

When the match resumed, the Gazette reporter went on to say how Adams and Elwell were “absolutely magnificent” as were Thompson and McLeod with Garrow, despite his injury, “bringing off a whole series of breath-taking saves”.

“The crowd repeatedly cheered the Mariners for a display of ability which clearly had the London audience both surprised and greatly impressed.

“Shields brought on a substitute Billy Graham for McCallum who was cheered to the players tunnel for a lionhearted display although he was obviously tiring.

“The Shields defence soaked up incredible punishment and the home crowd grew frustrated.

“Marsh then turned on all his magic in the 77th minute, beating man after man in a run in which the ball was never more than six inches away from his boot.

“He brilliantly created the opening he was seeking but his shot was deflected for a corner by Garrow. In the ensuing scramble left back Bob McLeod was injured and was eventually carried off the field in the 80th minute.

“In the 82nd minute Barrow again reached for glory and found it with a back-breaking save from a flashing header by Clarke.

“But in the 84th minute the Rangers breached the Shields defence for a fourth time, but it needed a goal of sheer brilliance to achieve it.

“Ferguson staged a cross-field run ending with an 18 yard rising drive that crashed into the top corner of the net giving Garrow no chance.

“Before the game restarted David Adams, who had taken a facial knock earlier on, was led away to the dressing rooms clutching a towel to his face with blood streaming from the injury.

“The entire crowd gave him a standing ovation as he went off.”

l Final score: QPR 4 South Shields 1

l Official attendance 16,811

l The line-up

QPR: 1 Kelly, 2 Clement, 3 Gillard, 4 Venables, 5 Watson, 6 Hazell, 7 Bridges, 8 Ferguson, 9 Clarke, 10 Marsh, 11 Francis and 12 Hunt.

South Shields: 1 Garrow, 2 Thompson, 3 McLeod, 4 Potter, 5 Elwell, 6 Adams, 7 Johnstone, 8 Donoghue, 9 Smith, 10 Ellis

12 McCallum, 12 Graham.

l Ref. Mr. H. Davey, Mansfield.

l It sounds like it was a wonderfully entertaining match, and one which the Mariners should be proud of being a part of. But they paid a heavy price for their exertions, as we find out tomorrow.