Shining example of Vince’s talent

SOUND OF THE SIXTIES ... this was Vince's first recording for CBS Records.
SOUND OF THE SIXTIES ... this was Vince's first recording for CBS Records.

WOW. If I still had a Dansette, I’d certainly get it out for this.

How the years might fall away as it spun on the turntable, recreating the sound of an iconic era that was drawing to its close.

A number of readers seem to have enjoyed being taken back there by my recent pieces on South Shields-born singer J Vincent Edwards who, during the 1960s, featured with local bands such as The Invictors and their successors, The Answers.

Several on-line correspondents seem to have their own favourites from the period, who they still relish seeing and hearing on YouTube, among them The Animals and Jarrow’s John Miles.

Jimi Hendrix’s almost mythical appearance at the Cellar Club in Shields also gets a mention.

But what I didn’t expect was something like this to drop through the post - an original 45rpm record of Vince’s which a reader at Biddick Hall unearthed from his record collection.

Thank you Mr Hetherington!

The A-side features Vince singing Run To The Sun, written by Pierre Tubbs. There is lovely footage on YouTube of Vince performing the song on a wind-blown beach.

It was with Pierre Tubbs that he also later wrote the hit, Right Back Where We Started From.

On the B-side of the record here, he sings I Never Thought I’d Fall in Love.

Vince has long been based in Europe these days. From there, he tells me Run To The Sun was his first recording for CBS Records. It was produced by Dermot Harris, the younger brother of the late actor Richard Harris.

Vince was appearing in Hair on the London stage at the time.

He remembers: “I had offers to join The Hollies, the Jeff Beck Band, or to work in Las Vegas for the Mafia!

“But being a street-wise Ocean Road School lad, I fell in love instead and had a wonderful life.”