Some dates for your diaries

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RIGHT, chaps and chapesses, some dates for your diary.

One is a last call for the annual reunion of Ocean Road and Baring Street Schools in Shields which takes place this Thursday, April 23.

The venue, as usual, is Brigham’s Club, off Mile End Road, with kick-off at 7.30pm.

This Wednesday, the Discovery Museum in Newcastle hosts what promises to be an illuminating talk by Arthur Dodds on the history of aerial surveillance.

Starting in France in the 18th century, it will go on through the First and Second World Wars, up to modern satellite technology and beyond.

The talk starts at 6pm and is free. Just drop in.

The Scottish referendum brought into focus how close we are to the Border.

Many people round here can claim Border roots – and certainly Border surnames.

So a geneaologist friend suggests there may be interest in an event called Bygone Border Lands which is taking place in Berwick over the weekend of May 2 and 3.

It’s billed as a celebration of the English and Scottish Border countries, with a full programme of talks, exhibitions etc laid on.

Email for detailsd.