Spending wages from J&J Fashions in Chelsea Girl

J & J Fashions staff.
J & J Fashions staff.

With so many of you having taken the time to recall your days at J&J Fashions, I thought it only right and proper to share some more of you online posts.

Jane Nelson said: “Made fantastic money there in the 80s, pockets and pleats. Friday wages, straight to Chelsea Girl” while Kirsty Matthewson reminded Ailsa Mitchell, Rachelle Cummings and Bonita Henderson of “heading straight to the Bewicke when buzzer went at Christmas”.

Sandra Kimber recalled: “Friday nights out, crawl back Sunday morning.”

Michelle Mill took to Facebook to say: “I worked in the cutting room 84/87, loved it, had some mad times, crazy Christmas parties, trips away, and the money was good. Could do it all again. Our union man was called Allen Clarke, he was a great bloke, sadly not here anymore.”

Paul Richardson told how he “worked at the warehouse for one month after leaving Filtrona to join the Navy. Can’t remember the lasses names but they were a crazy bunch.”

Meanwhile, a photo of people queuing outside Milburn’s bakers, in Westoe Road, South Shields, prompted readers to get in touch to confirm what we thought, that there were bread shortages due to a bakers’ strike.

Tom Martin posted: “It was down to the bakery workers strike of September 1977. Shops were selling out within 15 minutes up and down the country as stocks dwindled, and the few places still baking bread struggled to keep up with demand. South Shields suffered just the same everywhere else. It didn’t last more than a few days though as a deal was thankfully cut among the unions.”

David Askew said: “There was indeed a strike of bakery workers in 1977” while Glenys Bainbridge added: “Yes, I remember a bread strike.”

Delaine Johnson not only remembered the strike, she also recognised someone in the queue.

“I’m sure that is my mam with the fur collar coat, she worked at Dougie Olivers fruit shop” while Sonia Ann Fada said: “Am sure that’s Trish Porter in the head scarf.”