The cream of South Tyneside’s cake shops

A tempting display in Rae's "new" shop in South Eldon Street, in 1972.
A tempting display in Rae's "new" shop in South Eldon Street, in 1972.

When asked about your favourite cake and pastry shops from the past and present, you came up with some ‘peachy’ suggestions.

The call for South Tyneside’s “cream of the crop” came as we featured a photo of Rae’s “new shop in South Eldon Street” on Facebook.

And not only did you come up with some tasty suggestions, you also identified the lady in the picture.

For Amy Louise Pullen posted: “I’m loving seeing my nana on here! She’s been gone 30 years now, and this was taken in 1975.

“She never even knew the internet and then pops up on Facebook, and not by the family either. Thank you to the person who posted this. You made us all very happy when this photo appeared.”

Jonny Pullen also took to social media to tell everyone: “That’s my nanna Hazel” while Gillian Albertson added: “That’s my mam, Hazel Albertson.”

Michelle Scholefield took to social media to tell of her favourite cake shop and dessert, saying: “Watsons (used to be in Ocean Road) me and my sister would go in the back way along the back lane on way to school (Ocean Road Juniors) and get a warm bread bun for a penny. Another favourite was Goodfelllows (I think was in the side street of King Street near the public loos) and my favourite was a cauliflower cake (a small stubby round sponge cake with three green marzipan leaves covering the outer sponge and the centre filled with butter cream) ahhh can’t beat a good slice of nostalgia.”

Emma Jayne Whyte went on Facebook to post: “There was a cake shop on the corner, about half way along Boldon Lane, think it later became a hairdressers.

“Can’t think of the name but they did a mean Peach Melba. That was dessert after my mince pie from the butchers (the one that had pigs hanging up in the middle of the shop and sawdust on the floor).”

Bridget McCulla said: “Goodfellas for me, and they made a gorgeous pineapple cake, always had a ballerina birthday cake from there as well, aww the good old days.”

Ann Gibson revealed how she “used to work at Goodfellows, in Boldon Lane, and they made lovely large trifles.”

Alan Smith recalled that there “used to be a little cake shop on the corner of South Palmerston Street and Temple Street, run by a Mrs Johnson back in the 60s. Cakes were spot on.”

Lee Chow was also a fan of Goodfellows, on Boldon Lane, which was “lush for all cakes” and Mcraes on Stanhope Road “for curry pies, and not forgetting Lees on Stanhope Road, now you cannot walk past without buying something.”

Joan Aynsley was in agreement when it came to his choice of pies, saying: “McRaes, Stanhope Road – curry pies.”

McRaes also got a mention from Denise King who posted: “ Huge miss” and revealing that apple turnovers were her favourite pastries.

Trish Graham Middleton had a sweet tooth for McRaes’ Peach Melba.

Joyce Richardson sang the praises of “Hughie Robsons in Laygate, and a little bakery in Waterlew Vale, bought red hot buns there on my way to St Hilda’s School, think it was called Davies.”

Jackie Ullah remembers: “Swann’s bakery, behind the Town Hall, cakes were huge (not sure of street name but it was beside the little steps).”

Susan Sinclair says: “Lees bakery, in Stanhope Road, you can’t beat their Peach Melbas mmm.” Irene Crammond posted: “Gregg’s Peach Melba... really miss them down south!”

Eileen Drummond gave a shout out for: “Hugh Robsons, in Mile End Road, and Kerr’s, in Fort Street as well as Purvises, in Mile End Road for Stotties, Peach Melba favourite cake.”

Fay Cronin said: “Gregg’s was the closest I got, and mam only ever had enough money for an iced split – I loved those.”

Michelle Whale took to Facebook to say: “Crawfords Bakeries, all aspects” while Sharon Lewell put forward “Jackman’s bakery, did the best parties ever”

Tony ‘Foz’ Foster saluted: “Lees’ Manchester tart and Peter’s Japs” while Lilian Cottenham hailed the chocolate snowballs made by Crabtree, of Baring Street.

There was another vote for Lees Peach Melbas from Tracey Howard.

Eleanor Johns explained that she “still buys Peach Melbas from the cake shop, love them x.”

Mandy Harrison had Lees Bakery, in Stanhope Road at the top of her list as did Ann Howes as did Heather Jackson, who went online to say: “Lees bakery, Stanhope Road, been there years.”

Ali Carr’s top tip was: “The one on Boldon Lane, was Goodfellows” while Sean Keza Kerrigan championed Bakers Oven.