The final journey of a Tyne ferry

editorial image

SHE had only ever known her home river, as far as I know, so a crossing of the North Sea must have tested the old girl’s courage.

This goes back to my note the other day on the old Tyne vehicular ferry Northumbrian and what happened to her after her adventure as a floating restaurant up at Friar’s Goose proved short-lived.

An old tugboatman friend believed she had subsequently gone to Antwerp for the same purpose, though what may have gone on to happen to her since, we’re still not sure.

Well look what I’ve since found – a lovely view of the Northumbrian in tow of the tug Northsider as she commenced her journey across to Belgium in the spring of 1977.

The weather was poor in the North Sea at the time. Nevertheless, she was expected to take only two days or so to reach Antwerp, from where she was expected to go on to become a riverside restaurant near Brussels.

If you’re trying to get a perspective on this picture, by the way, up in the left hand corner you can just see the offices of the Stag Line shipping company, in Howard Street in North Shields, so she’s near enough heading down past the fish quay.

You never know, we may tell the end of her story yet.