The mystery six men of the cabinet

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NOW why would six young men have had their photograph taken?

I know as much as you do, which is nothing.

This charming cabinet photograph has come from Kevin Blair. There is no date for it, but the photographer was James Cuttriss, of 4 Charlotte Terrace in Shields.

Hmm. Charlotte Terrace was (still is) opposite the Town Hall. Could they have been staff, who had nipped out to get a snap done?

By the way, talking of 
photography, did you know that it was once forbidden to take pictures on the South Pier?

And the man who got the rules changed? South Shields MP James Chuter Ede, who’d been pulled up by a polis for taking some.

It seems that when Chuter Ede was still a candidate for the town in the General Election of 1929, he had been taking photographs on the pier when he was stopped by the pier policeman, who told him it was against regulations.

These turned out to be rules still in force a decade after the end of the First World 
War, which the Tyne Improvement Commission eventually relaxed, on Chute Ede’s application, after he was elected MP.

Interestingly, though, 
photographs were to continue to be allowed but still at the police’s discretion.