Thief kitted himself out at draper’s shop

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We all like to have a few new things when we’re going off on holiday or travelling.

Usually though, we purchase them from the shops, we don’t pinch them.

I mentioned the other day how descriptions of what people wore in the past always fascinate me.

Coincidentally, though, a reader has since directed me to something he came across in a report from the Police Gazette of 1878.

This concerned the report of a theft overnight from a draper’s, Mackay’s, in South Shields. What do you make of what was taken?

It included:

• A blue reefing jacket.

• One pair of dark brown kid gloves.

• One tweed vest.

• One pair of tweed trousers, also with vest.

Also taken were letter cases and purses, and two black leather travelling bags.

Someone was off on a journey, weren’t they? Says our reader: “It seems like the suspect kitted himself out!