Thousands recall being in South Tyneside juvenile jazz bands

A juvenile jazz band marching past Jarrow Town Hall in 1970.
A juvenile jazz band marching past Jarrow Town Hall in 1970.

Being in a juvenile jazz band was certainly a big part of a lot of your lives, if the reaction to a picture we posted on Facebook recently is anything to by.

For the photo, taken in September 1970, and showing an unidentified jazz band marching past Jarrow Town Hall as part of a parade involving twin town Epinay-sur-Seine, prompted tens of thousands of you to go online with your memories of those magical musical times.

Donna Laidler posted: “ My whole family were in Hebburn Franconians, great memories, my aunt and uncle Freda and Jack Foster used to run it.”

Leona Gallon revealed that: “Me and my sisters were in Felling Royals, I was also in Kibblesworth Ravens seniors, my husband was in Pelaw Hussars, South Shields Golden Eagles and Kibblesworth Ravens seniors x. Best days of my life x.”

Lesley Meston gives a shout out to Simonside Mariners and Queensland Highlanders, before saying: “My parents, Jack and Freda Errington, helped run the Mariners, with Jack and Lizzie Allen. My sister Lorraine Nisbet was a champion mace bearer. We had loads of fun and trips away – happy days.”

Carole Stanton admitted: “I can’t remember what ours was called but we used to practise on the field opposite the coke works at Hebburn, good times.”

Fallyn Kinsella took to social media to say: “I was in the Golden Eagles, Whitburn Coastliners, Whitehouse Revellers, Northern Paraders, and I can’t remember the other one.

“They have nothing like this now (well especially where I live anyway) my mum used to be in Golden Eagles too.”

Christine Phillips tells how: “Felling Fusiliers was mine as a kid, with Golden Eagles being the band to beat back in the day. Now with Jazzmanelles as a supporter not a marcher lol x.”

Gaynor Powell agreed, saying: “The Golden Eagles always won everything. I was in the Submariners, we dressed in navy and white sailor suits, happy days.”

Julie Wilson posted: “I was in the Beachcombers, and yes Gaynor Powell, I always thought the Golden Eagles won everything too.”

Michelle Dawson took to Facebook to say: “Ha ha yes, I was in the Marsden Shoreliners, I think we were called. Lovely orange and brown uniforms!”, while Dyane Youngs said: “I was in the South Tyneside Highlanders.

“Pure white socks and loads of whitening on your plimsolls, excellent times.”

Christine Heslop remembers the Cleadon Marines’ “sailor uniform, was just looking at a photo the other day, can’t find it now, remember Brian Bolam or Bolan used to run it”.

Deborah Fuller Greaves names the “Marsden Shoreliners, Teesside’s Golden Dragoons, the Northern Paraders and the Jazzmanelles”.

Margy Brownsword says: “Me and my sister were in the South Shields Beachcombers, happy days”.

And Caroline L Fairley was also a member of a juvenile jazz band, saying: “Yes, we all were when we were kids, me Paul Denise Jayne and William and Brian, I think.”

Joyce Clark Thompson was a member of the Submariners then Golden Eagles. “Best days of my life.”

Another jazz band member was Les Milne, who marched with the “Simonside Mariners, my mam and dad run the Mariners, Jackie and Lily Allon.”

Julie Orr got in touch to say: “ I was in the Gilesgate Young Generation, I loved it.”

Suzanne Smith told us that: “I was in the Whiteleas Submariners and the Golden Eagles, loved it. We had some great times looking back lol”, while Clare Latersbaby May took to social media to reveal that “I was in the Crusaders (Jarrow) was the best years of my life”.

We had so many great memories that we will feature even more of them later in the week.

In the meantime, please get in touch with your recollections of juvenile jazz bands, whether you were a member or an organiser.