Time of our Lives: Your memories of famous South Shields firm Barbour

Memory Lane   J Barbours & Sons Factory, Simonside.
Memory Lane J Barbours & Sons Factory, Simonside.

Barbour’s has certainly put South Tyneside on the map – providing stylish clothing for people both near and far.

As a result of its remarkable success, the company has employed a great many South Tynesiders in its factories over the years.

Memory Lane  Barbour factory no date

Memory Lane Barbour factory no date

And some of them got in touch to tell us about their time at Barbour’s when we featured photos of the firm’s factories and the people who worked in them on the Gazette’s Facebook page.

Wendy Shepherd told how: “ I worked as stock/production control clerk in the Shields offices in the 1980s. It was the best job I ever had, it had such a great atmosphere, not like going to work at all.”

Caroline Black said: “I worked in Hebburn Barbour’s and absolutely loved it. Would love to get back into it now but not many factories left.”

Karen Siddley revealed that she “worked at Hebburn factory for seven years in the 90s, loved it”, while Jackie Irving said: “Had some great laughs there when I worked in the Hebburn one.”

Wendy Evans went on Facebook to say: “Worked there from 1981 to 2000, lots of happy memories and lots of nice friends,” something Maureen King confirmed, adding: “Wendy they were good times.”

Caroline Black got in touch to explain: “Yes the atmosphere was brilliant, a brilliant place to work,” while Maureen King added: “I loved the place, was in repairs for six years.”

Marjorie Copp took to social media to say: “I worked in the repairs section for 15 years and enjoyed most of it,” while Pam Taylor said: “I worked with all the girls in the picture.”

Meanwhile, when we featured a photo of Morganite Resistors and asked if you or anyone you know worked there, you came up trumps – as usual.

Margaret McKenzie said: “My aunty Betty Morrison worked there until 1960, her married name was Rutherford, she would have been 79 this year.”

Muriel Halligan revealed how she: “Enjoyed working there on the 5pm till 9pm shift. Made some lovely friends there – Nancy Brown, Audrey Findlay and many more,” while Pat Haruki shared similar recollections, saying: “I worked there on 5-9 shift 1970, thanks for the picture, brings back memories.”

Dawn Crutwell posted that: “My mam Sylvia Howe worked there in the office, she left in 1972 to have me,” and Helen Banks explained that: “My mam worked there.”

Wendy Shepherd took to social media to say: “My dad, Stan Fraser, worked there as foreman for 25 years till 1975,” and Edith Gallagher revealed that her mother, Phyllis Glendinning, was also a former worker at Morganite Resistors.

Readers also took to Facebook when we popped a picture on social media showing regulars from the County Hotel getting ready to take part in a run in 1991.

Christine Young-Brown responded by saying: “I did all the fun runs around that time. Don’t know how many County fun runs took place. I did at least two, enjoyable run this one.”

Melanie Lascelles told how: “The County did a fun run for my daughter in 1997,” while Lesley Matthews said: “Used to be my local, long before the fun runs began (1970s).”

Carole Thurkettle took to Facebook to say: “Looks like my sister-in-law is here, Shiela Ford,” while Michelle Wall exclaimed: “Eeee God the hair! Love it!” What events did you local stage?