Time to step down memory lane

WELL we’re nowhere nearer knowing who the folk were in that picture I featured, which had been among Shields Gazette centenary memorabilia donated to South Shields Museum.

But this snap is more than compensatory in the meantime.

It very kindly comes from Brian Gorman, and is of a Gazette staff dance, held at the Hedworth Hall in Shields in 1954.

Brian worked in our despatch department for a few months, before leaving to take up an apprenticeship.

Unfortunately he can’t put many names to faces here, he says.

“But the people I do remember would be Mr Locke, who was despatch manager, also Jack Adair, and a chap called Gilbert, who was a keen dancer.”

Says Brian: “I am sure there will be people in the town for whom the picture rings a bell.”

I’m sure there will be, and I’d love to hear from you if it does.

The date of the picture is too early for me to be able to guess who some of these folk were, though I do wonder if I recognise a young Jim Summers who, by the time I started here, was head of the wire room, into which all the national and international news poured on – well, ‘the wires’.