Trio of Boldon lads went on to play for Sunderland

South Shields FC
South Shields FC

As ever, you were on the ball, when we last featured a number of photos showing South Shields footballers from yesteryear.

Tim Gibbons got in touch to identify a trio of young town team players.

Keen-eyed reader identified these three local lads.

Keen-eyed reader identified these three local lads.

Most of the Gazette’s old photos have captions on the back of them, marking the date they were taken and naming the people pictured, but not this one. So it’s over to Tim to confirm that “the players, from left to right, are Derek Watson, Steven Gault and Steven Golightly, all from Boldon Comprehensive School.

“They all went on to get apprenticeships at Sunderland.”

Another photo, sent in by Bob Wray, the vice-president of South Shields FC and the club’s historian and archivist, and showing the club’s first team in the 1951-52 season, when they were playing in the North East League, prompted reader Deborah Manning to get in touch.

She wrote: “That’s my wonderful grandpa, Andy Lincoln, standing second from left, wearing a suit.

“He was an ex-professional football player of the 1920s-30s, and I believe he was the trainer of the team at time of the picture.”

Indeed he was Deborah.

Sticking with South Shields FC, though not necessarily the players, here’s a puzzler for you?

What was the name of the club’s very first mascot (in print and person) and how many have there been over the years?