Turning the clock back on a South Shields jewellers

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AFTER mentioning Grant’s the jewellers in King Street in Shields the other day, known for their clock, here it is!

Moreover, the time is just before 3pm – though it took Kevin Blair, whose photograph it is, to tell me that.

This is a nice picture from Kevin, looking down King Street from the Market. Grant’s is on the right-hand side. This is as the street was in the late 1880s, before the advent of the electric tramway system.

This was the town centre at its Victorian height, I suppose - a mix of department stores, theatres, restaurants, offices and small shops that offered a huge range of goods.

One from this era was the Tyne General Supply Stores, at No 20 King Street (the numbering has since changed) which was owned by a Percy Percival, and of which there were also branches on the north side.

I love the Stores’ eclectic stock, which included freshly ground coffee for 10d a pound and fruit salt (used in baking but also taken for indigestion in those days – Eno’s is a name you might recognise); as well as Nubian blacking (for polishing fireplaces and stoves), potted meat, Spratt’s dog biscuits and Allen’s hair restorer.

What a deli ght to the nostrils it must have been to step inside that.