Tyneside’s backing for the Spanish Civil War

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The Spanish Civil War, the 80th anniversary of whose commencement falls next year, is a conflict that might seem on the surface not to have touched this part of the world much.

But as we have discussed before, many Tyneside merchant seamen were caught up in running supplies to the war-torn country.

Less well known though, perhaps, is that Tyneside also gave safe refuge to hundreds of Basque children, and that the welfare of others still in the country was supported by local families through, of all people, the Co-op.

Tyne and Wear Archives, you see, continue to do an excellent job in currently researching and blogging the Spanish Civil War as it impacted on, or involved, communities here in the North East.

The Co-op’s contribution, for instance, was to the Milk For Spain scheme which people could support through cardboard tokens bought from their local stores.