Was the old Shields Gazette printing press buried underground?

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SOUTH Shields has always had, within it, distinctive and important localities over the years.

One of these is Tyne Dock, and businesses and institutions would often have a Tyne Dock branch that served the west end of the town, with its concentration of industry and dense community of streets.

The Shields Gazette was no exception, though I have to confess that I have only limited knowledge of our old office in Hudson Street there, though I have spoken to readers over the years who, as paper boys, collected their papers from it to sell.

It was pretty old-established, I think.

I’ve been contacted by a lady who is researching the area and is seeking information about the office.

I’m not able to tell her much, and I wonder if there is any old colleague out there who can furnish us with a few details please?

I do remember being told a story that, under the nearby embankment on Slake Terrace, opposite the Port of Tyne’s offices, there is supposed to be a press buried underneath all that earth, but I can’t now recall why.

We didn’t print at that end of the town, unless it was to produce bills etc.

I would, as they say, very much like to ‘read all about it’!