What happened to boys’ Bible film?

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FIFTY years on, I wonder how many of them have memories of going about the town dressed in Biblical costumes?

In fact, what happened to the film they were making?

It would be a novelty to see it again all these years later.

They were pupils of Ocean Road Secondary School and the film was Man of Tarsus, about the travels of St Paul, which was undertaken as an innovative form of religious instruction.

The stars were 13-year-old boys from among the pupils, who made the film, with its backing of classical and pop music, at locations such as Westoe Village and the Roman Fort.

I can imagine they had a lively time of it!

I came across a note of it the other day, and thought just to mention it as it dovetails with news of this year’s Ocean Road and Baring Street schools annual reunion.

I am told that this will take place on April 23, at the Brigham’s Club, off Mile End Road in the town.

It will start at 7.30pm and there’ll be a small charge for entry.

The reunion has been running nearly 30 years, now, and is for both former pupils and teachers of the two schools.

Folk travel from all over, and this year it’s hoped to see at least one ‘old girl’ visiting from as far as Canada.