When the weather outside was frightful

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Do you remember when, in the words of the song, the weather outside was frightful?

Well, it was all a matter of opinion, of course, as heavy snowfall could either be scenic or a bit of a sickener.

If you were a child or young person, with time on your hands, the winter wonderlands of yesteryear (we don’t seem to get them anymore) were an adventure playground of endless possibilities.

Here for a few days, then gone too quickly, taking with it the snowmen that we had spent so long lovingly crafted.

But for pedestrians and travellers, heading to and from work, the white stuff was far less welcome.

Slipping and sliding on pavements and roads was no fun, especially once the snow had hardened and turned into ice.

Today’s picture spread captures the best and the worst of the snow. I wonder what Katie Ford and Kia Forster remember of the times they played together on the Cleadon Hills in 1987? Dressed in their wintry warmest, they really look like they were having a ball sledging and snowballing.

Taking it a little easier were two youngsters who were making their way down Erskine Road, in South Shields.

Much less cautious were the two youngsters wrestling with their sledge in Valley View Park.