Who fancies saveloys on Wembley Way for South Shields’ FA Vase final?

Staff at  Dicksons Pork Butchers shop in  November 1983.
Staff at Dicksons Pork Butchers shop in November 1983.

No doubt a great many people will be preparing for South Shields FC’s big day, when the team and its army of supporters travel to Wembley for the final of the FA Vase.

But as well as packing scarves, flags and colourful headwear, how about another essential – Dicksons saveloys?

That’s the suggestion of one Time Of Our Lives reader who joined many others in singing the praises of the local butchers.

The comments, that appeared in print, on our website and online, followed a recent selection of photos featuring the firm’s shops and its workers from over the years.

Among the many other Facebook posts, one in particular caught our attention. It came from Michael Purcell, who had his own idea of what Mariners’ supporters should take with them on their trip to London.

He said simply: “We need saveloys at Wembley.”

Let’s hope saveloys and South Shields FC is a winning combination!

Meanwhile, readers were also quick to take to social media to comment about other stories and pictures that have appeared in print and online.

When asked which was the readers’ favourite shopping street from the past – King Street or Frederick Street – honours, it seems, were pretty much even, with some people plumping for both.

Linda Bannon said she preferred Frederick Street because it had “more of a family atmosphere. People and store owners were very friendly.”

Maureen Dowson also favoured Frederick Street, as did Joyce Richardson.

But Elaine Campbell posted simply “King Street”. Sylvia Dixon took to Facebook to comment: “King Street, could spend all day then” while Sue Burdis and Lilian Cottenham also championed King Street.

Loyalties were split among other readers, Linda Richardson included, who stated: “Both in their heyday.”

Linda Robinson, Sylvia Bateson, Viv Marley and Carol Topham all had a single word reply, namely – “both!”

Another reader, Dave Bays, had his own thoughts on the best place to shop in the past when he posted ... “Boldon Lane”.

Yet more comments followed the appearance on the Gazette’s Facebook pages of a photo showing pupils preparing for a school play – coupled with the question, did you appear in a school play?

Susan Sinclair posted: “Yes, when I was in the last year at St Temple Park Junior School with Mr Armstrong our teacher. We performed Beowolf, it was so much fun.”

Suzanne Smith said: “Yes, when I was in Headworth Field Comprehensive school in the early 70s. I was in the drama group and the choir, and performed in front of John Inman and Catherine Cookson, who came to present us with our book prizes for our end of year prize-giving.”

Nick Forbes Warren added: “A few times, in Aladdin, Oliver!, The Importance of Being Ernest, then years later have recently been appearing in shows like Annie, Chess, Sunset Boulevard and The King And I. Great times!”

Mick Lynch posted: “Yep, At Redwell, from my first year to the last.”