Who was the Shields-born footballer who played for Sunderland?

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We all of us know what it’s like to have something at the back of our minds that we just can’t bring to the fore.

A query from a reader has had me reaching for something in the dim and distant past, for instance, which has bizarrely spun off into sweets sold in Shields in the 19th century which had accidentally been made with poisonous yellow lead. Perhaps that’s something for another day.

No, my current correspondent is after the name of a TV film which she recalls was shown on Tyne-Tees Television in about 1975-1976.

It was about a footballer who had been born in South Shields and who played for Sunderland.

She tells me: “Some of the scenes were filmed in Baring Street School, using some of the schoolchildren.”

She thinks it was called Haway The Lads.

“But I cannot find any information about it,” she says.

Up to now, I’ve not been able to turn up anything on this film. Does anyone else remember it? Get in touch if you do.